Valen Amijo

    Owner Chromatiq Indonesia

    Saya beneran puas sama pekerjaan pak bion karna orangnya cepat tanggap dan paham apa yg diinginkan customer, tidak lelet dalam pengerjaan, tepat janji.

    Rizka Arianny

    Founder Kaloyanova

    I'd like to thanks to Bionito Christanto for helping me to make my website nice, cool and even user friendly. I'm very satisfied for his work, he is so professional. He gave me a quick respond when I needed a help. Eventhough the price is pricey but it is worthy.

    Yaa, I choose the right developer for my website.


    Rizka Arianny
    Founder Kaloyanova


    Owner Admire Indonesia

    Hi I’m Adrian, my website is Admireindonesia.com, created by Bion, with the main concept from me. I’m just more than satisfied to write this testimony. In fact here’s 5W 1H, for choosing him as your website developer.

    What kind of product he provide? He provide website development and he’s more than ready to assist you to create your website more professionals, forget cheap looking website, I want professional websites, and he provides me with that.

    Who is he? No 1, Drupal commerce website developers in Surabaya. Trust me, it’s hard to find someone with such capabilities& talents, I’ve been through it for 3 months searching.

    Why should you choose him as your website developer? If you value quality (of course this come with price too) of your products and capable to compete on international scale, you just make the right decision. He’ll support you even after your payments already paid off.

    When you need to ask his help? Anytime when you have your concept/ideas ready, he’s open to any suggestion & discussion.

    Where do you can meet him? To be honest I just met him once, and then I met him online through Skype until my website finished, nowadays no need a physical meeting if you’re working on online website project, are you still live on Stone Age? Move on to online now!

    How much range from 1 to 10 you would suggest Visigraphic? Definitely 10, to the maximum for every aspect skills, time delivery, knowledge, and collaboration for website developers.

    Cella Vanessa

    Owner Azarine Body Care & Spa

    I'm very satisfied with visigraphic work. Special thanks for ko bion who is working so fast and helping me a lot. Oh! Thank you for your patience too. Hehe. I like the website very much! It turns out like what i've expected! :)

    Melina Setio

    Founder Archipelago4U
    Would definitely use Visigraphic's service again when need arises! What I like is the mere fact that he is very professional. He never called in late for conference calls, completed tasks in a timely manner, but most importantly, he was open to feedback which is crucial to ensure that we both like the end result.  Overall, I am happy with the outcome and would recommend him to anyone interested.

    Nicole Ho

    Owner PinkLocomote

    fast and professional! every problem solved within an hour. we (clients) will get what we want, or even better. clients will also get some supports and motivations from the owner of visigraphic. thank you visiraphic!

    Natasha Alexandra

    Owner GULACO.

    Hasil webnya sesuai dengan keinginan, respon ownernya cepat dan juga sangat membantu jika ada kesulitan.
    Sukses terus visigraphic dan ko Bion hehehe..

    Hanafi Salim

    Owner Klik Baby Love Online Store

    Terima kasih kepada Visigraphic yang telah memberikan pelayanan yang sangat baik dalam mendesign ulang web kami. Ide, system kerja dan kecepatan dalam menjawab setiap masalah telah direspon dengan sangat baik. Pelayanan baik yang disertai tanggung jawab merupakan nilai plus yang tak tergantikan oleh materi. Semoga hal ini dapat terus dipertahankan.

    Jessyca Octavia

    Owner SugarPot Wax

    Big thanks untuk Visigraphic atas pelayanannya yang sangat memuaskan. Waktu pembuatan cepat, admin juga dibimbing secara detail, respon dan problem solving sangat cepat. Untuk desain, web store kami banyak menerima pujian atas desain minimalis dan user friendly-nya. Highly recommended.

    Thank you so much kak Bion atas bantuannya. Sukses selalu!

    Fenny Angela

    Owner Aeroculata

    Big thanks buat Ko Bion dari Visigraphic! Website yang dibuat sesuai dengan konsep yang minimalis dan friendly. Hari pertama opening website pun customer juga tidak bingung saat order di website. Recommended for local brand or online shop website! :)

    Rene Valerie

    Owner BeautyHaul Indonesia

    Tau visigraphic dr iseng googling, karena tepat sebelomnya aku udah bikin web sama org lain, cuma pelayanannya bener2 kacau, masa aku maunya A disautin B terus harus ngikutin kemauan dia...terakhir aku nemu 1 masalah di webnya ga bs apply coupon, malah disautin ya udah ga usa dipake aja...akhirnya aku kecewa, & angusin uang dp nya. N googling2 lagi ketemulah visigraphic. Pas liat2 portfolionya kayanya out of box, & bukan template yang kaya biasa tgl di copy paste orang buat bikin webstore murahan. Soal harga emg sedikit agak pricey, cuma setara sih sama kualitasnya. Kokonya sabar banget, uda dibawelin minta gonta ganti sabar ngeladeninnya, trus enak diajak ngomong, cepet pula. Apa yg dijanjiin sesuai & on time. Minta revisi ini itu semua jg lsg dikerjain, ga pake molor2 lama2. N sampe sekarang kadang jg masi sering lupa nanya2 di ym disautin dgn sabar hahaha...pokoknya kalo mau bikin web lagi nanti pasti larinya ke koko ini!! Semoga makin sukses & sabar selalu ya ko! -www.BeautyHaulindo.com-

    Shelvi Meilinda

    Co-Founder of Jaime & Jaimie

    Very satisfied with Visigraphic’s service. Thank you for the willingness to listen to what we really need and come out with the best solutions for us. Highly recommended! 

    Michael Poedji

    Owner Heartful Gift

    Design website yang elegant dan mudah dimengerti semua orang, maintenancenya very friendly. The customer service is excellent, very instant. Highly recommended.

    Eric Tirtaputra

    Owner Chemshield Indonesia

    Sudah menjadi client Visigraphic lebih dari 2 tahun dan setiap pekerjaan web design saya percayakan ke Visigraphic karena hasilnya memuaskan, kerjanya sangat cepat dan customer servicenya sangat responsive.

    Sukses terus Bion & Visigraphic!!


    Owner Chanira

    Visigraphic marvelous design took our brand Chanira to International standard. 24 hours technical support is another speciality of Visigraphic.

    Donna Mortlock

    CEO Blueprint Career Development and the eLearning Centre

    After searching for a Drupal expert over several weeks, I was fortunate to come across Bion at Visigraphic.  Bion has now developed 2 websites for me and I'm exceptionally pleased with both.  He was easy to communicate with remotely and worked very quickly.  He followed my specifications but added his own flair when appropriate.  Both sites are very functional and Bion is available to attend to upgrades or provide support whenever I require.  I would wholehearted recommend Bion and Visigraphic as web developers.


    Ecommerce Consultant Business

    Visigraphic has been making an e-commerce website very user friendly and easy to handle. I've never been this satisfied with other e-commerce solution out there until I found Visigraphic. They really listen to my needs about creating my ideal e-commerce site and the end result is really amazing. I love the after sales support too. Keep up the great work!.


    Owner Amore Aksesoris, Jeune Shop.

    Program Visigraphic mudah dipakai dan dapat digunakan sesuai dengan kebutuhan kami.

    David S.

    Owner Bursabaju, TokoSpeaker, TokoPoles, ToysProduct

    Kami telah bekerjasama dengan Visigraphic selama beberapa tahun terakhir dan support yang diberikan sangat bagus untuk 4 toko online kami.

    Esther Irawadi

    Owner Baby Deco Indonesia

    Kami sangat puas karena mau mengkomodasi kebutuhan kami dalam sebuah web. Terima kasih untuk masukan-masukannya, semoga tambah maju. All the best!.

    Merlin Soeyanto

    Founder Smiitten Clothing Brand for Kids

    The service is very fast and good. Always perfectly solves every problem on time!