Sahabat ICW

In 2017 – from public donations received – ICW will carry out anti-corruption activities focused on 5 (five) main activities. The five are efforts to impoverish corruptors, monitoring and reporting on corruption cases, preventing corruption in the procurement of goods and services and natural resources, producing anti-corruption cadres (through the Anti-Corruption School -SAKTI) and advocating for clean political parties.

RISE Indonesia

Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) Programme is a large-scale, multi-country research to support the improvement of student learning throughout the world. This global initiative began in 2015 as a response to global education that is currently facing learning crisis despite net share of children enrolled in school has jumped to roughly 90% over the past 25 years.

Kabupaten Kuningan

Kuningan is a district in West Java Province , Indonesia. The capital city is Kuningan . Located 250 km from Bandung City and 43 km from Cirebon City , this district is bordered by Cirebon Regency in the north, Brebes Regency ( Central Java ) in the east, Ciamis and Cilacap Regencies (Central Java) in the south, and Majalengka Regency in the west.

Halal Center Bahrul Maghfiroh

The Bahrul Maghfiroh Halal Center (HCBM) is a Halal Product Process Assistance Institution (PPH Assistance Institution) established by the Bahrul Maghfiroh Islamic Boarding School to support the achievement of Halal Product Guarantee (Halal Certificate Ownership) in the Indonesian MSE community.

Smeru Research Institute

SMERU Research Institute (SMERU) is an independent institution for research and policy studies. Our scope of work covers a wide range of socioeconomic issues, primarily from the perspective of poverty and inequality.

Jurnalisme Data Indonesia

Indonesian Data Journalism is a learning space for journalists to explore data journalism and other journalism skills independently.

Anti Korupsi - ICW

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) was established amid major political reforms in 1998. Instigated by several Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) activists, ICW was founded on the premise that corruption must be eradicated, as it continues to impoverish people and obstruct justice.